McCurtain County Hunting – What to expect


McCurtain County is a hunter’s paradise, providing a wealth of native species and rugged, unspoiled public lands. Red Slough, in the southern part of the county, and the Little River National Wildlife Refuge are home to some of the finest waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma. Deer are plentiful in the areas open for hunting. Other game animals include squirrel and raccoon, cottontails and swamp rabbits. Turkey hunters are treated to one of the largest concentrations of eastern-strain birds in the state. Quail, while not yet abundant, can be found on the edges of timber harvest sites and thinned pine plantations. Furbearers, including coyote, bobcat, opossum, gray fox, and beaver can also be found in the area. Lodging for hunters is available in McCurtain County’s state parks and at a large number of private resorts, motels, and cabin operators in the area.

All state hunting regulations, fees, and seasons apply on public land in McCurtain County. Hunting is not permitted on Oklahoma State Park property. Oklahoma hunting guides are available where hunting and fishing licenses are sold and at most visitor centers in the region.

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Ouachita National Forest
All Ouachita National Forest lands in McCurtain County are open to the public for hunting. All state regulations, fees, and seasons apply.

Wildlife Management Areas
Broken Bow, Grassy Slough, Whitegrass Flats and Pine Creek: All state regulations, fees, and seasons apply.

Red Slough: Non-toxic shot only. Bow hunting only for deer. Waterfowl hunting ends at 1:00 p.m.

Three Rivers Wildlife Area and Honobia Creek WMA: A land access fee permit is required to access these privately owned lands. The permit is available at all hunting and fishing license vendors. The fee is $40 per year for Oklahoma Residents ages 18 to 63 and ages 17 and younger and 64 and older are exempt.  Non-residents are $85 per year (no exemptions). Click here to download 2008 Three Rivers Wildlife Area Map and regulations.

For current hunting regulations go to

McCurtain County Wilderness Area
Hunting and camping is not permitted except during controlled hunts for deer and turkey. Contact Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for more information.

Little River National Wildlife Refuge
The refuge provides hunting opportunities for a variety of game species. Hunters should contact the refuge headquarters to obtain current regulations on seasons and dates.


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